Slashing through seven miles

I guess I’m officially, if it wasn’t official before, in taper mode. We did 7 miles during our run tonight. And a WET seven it was. Had pretty heavy down pours for around the middle three miles, but the temperature was just about right. I wasn’t cold when it was raining, and it wasn’t miserably humid when it stopped. About right. Looking forward to the Mini now!

One more yoga class and three more group runs to go. I’ll sorta miss the training program and the little bit of socializing I’ve gotten to do with other runners. I’ve had a . . . → Read More: Slashing through seven miles

Doing More Running

Ok, why can’t I remember to post more? Who knows.

Since I last posted I’ve completed a “12” mile run and a “9” mile run. The courses were a bit short and we ended up with 11.33 and 8.60, but, oh well. I’m glad I was able to finish them and without excruciating pain! I’ve been alternating between the Brooks Adrenaline 11 and Ravenna 2 shoes. I can’t quite decide which I like better, but I’m continuing to have to ice my legs and do calf / Achilles stretches. Oh well, I guess I like them both and having two . . . → Read More: Doing More Running

Chugged through 10 miles this week

Two Wednesday’s ago I did 9 miles. It hurt. A lot. I actually cut the course short and walked some because of the pain in my upper right leg. Don’t know what it was about. But I’ve tracked down some hip exercises and have been doing them since. So this past week had me doing a 10 mile run. And I felt fine! I have some shin pain as I sit on my couch right now (like, I can poke the area and it will not feel good), but I’ve been ok when running. I’m keeping up with my stretches . . . → Read More: Chugged through 10 miles this week

Back to some running

Ok, I keep forgetting about my blog! Sheesh. Last Wednesday was so nice, I just had to get back to running a day earlier than the doctor said. Problem was, it was a 8 mile run with the training group. I figured I would get to a turn around point that would let me do just 5 miles and see how I was feeling. I got to that point and kept on going! Yes, I was pretty tired at the end. Yes, I ran pretty slowly. But, I plodded on through it and finished in about 1:20. Ended up with . . . → Read More: Back to some running

Still some numbness when running

On Saturday I ran the 5k in about 26:27.. I say about because the online results just showed my gun time for some reason, so my time is what Runkeeper on my iPhone showed. I did the miles in 8:26, 8:27, and 8:51. The last mile was so much slower because of the numbness in my feet coming up. In the new shoes. Ugh!

Today our training run was about 3.06 miles and I averaged a 8:51 pace. There really wasn’t any numbness, but I had put the Superfeet green in my shoes. I think the extra arch support and . . . → Read More: Still some numbness when running

Cold and Slippery

So the past week and a half or so have been pretty slippery! Indianapolis got a nice little ice storm that made last week a pretty light running week. Only made two treadmill workouts and a strength training class as part of the YMCA training program. My foot went numb on the treadmill again! Ugh 🙁

I did have a gait analysis and the guy thought my shoes were too stable for me. My brand new shoes that are just outside their return policy. Sheesh. So I went back to my old Ravenna’s for the past two runs and the . . . → Read More: Cold and Slippery

Second Week of YMCA Training Done

I’ve finished up the second week of the YMCA Mini Marathon training program.

All I have to say is UGH!

Monday’s run was a quick two miles. Not bad. Wednesday was use being timed and put in to pace groups. I was, somehow, one of the first dozen or so to finish. Since I’ve run before, I get to join the “advanced” group that will start doing “speed” work. Speed in quotes because I’m slow! The coach is a Kenyan that used to be a cross country coach for a small nearby University. I’m scared. He’s already given us extra . . . → Read More: Second Week of YMCA Training Done

Joined YMCA Training Program

I’ve finished up the first week of the YMCA’s Mini-Marathon training program that I randomly decided to sign up for. Part of the decision was based on having a $50 coupon to the YMCA, part based on wanting to be more social (in running and life..), and part on having a structured plan.

With the program I’ll get an assessment by a personal trainer and a meeting with a dietitian. The trainer will tell me to work on everything, I’m sure. I really look forward to the dietitian though! I’d like to learn some healthier eating ideas.

The program has . . . → Read More: Joined YMCA Training Program