Training is winding down – Ready for @IndyMonumental

My training is winding down; I am in the middle of my taper right now with the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon just a week away.

I went out this morning for a 5k “time trial” because I was too cheap and lazy to go run a race. The Running Wizard plan I’ve been following says that I should try to run that in 24:42, or about 30 seconds faster than the 5K that I ran in June. That was the race that I used to setup the plan.

It was cold this morning.. 39 degrees with 12MPH winds gusting to . . . → Read More: Training is winding down – Ready for @IndyMonumental

Track Workout Number 2

Today was track workout number 2, ever. I decided to do 5x800m w/ 800m recovery. The suggested time is 4:12, and fastest is 4:00. The temp tonight was about 30 degrees cooler than last Monday! I wondered if I would do the 5th interval somewhere in the middle of the 2nd, but I “got over that” and did my planned workout. Warmup and cool down was 3 laps around 10:45 pace.

1 – 4:06 2 – 4:08 3 – 4:04 4 – 4:04 5 – 3:54

The heart rate range, according to the plan, is 170 – 187 and it . . . → Read More: Track Workout Number 2

Nice evening for running

Did the heat break in other parts of the country like it did in central Indiana? I wasn’t going to run, but talked myself in to it. I went out at 7PM tonight and the temps were in the mid-60’s with a nice breeze out of the north. Nice break from the mid 90’s earlier in the week!

It was a 5 mile PCR (Progress Calibration Run in Running Wizard terminology; basically a steady state run) and with pace range of 8:55 – 10:14 (9:21 suggested) that I did in 8:41 average pace. Went out way fast at 8:28 for . . . → Read More: Nice evening for running

First Weekly Weight Gain

My weekly weight in was on Friday and I posted my first weekly gain after three months of doing Weight Watchers. It was 1.2 pounds, which takes my total weight loss up to 23.8 pounds. I’m only slightly discouraged by it. I figured my 4.2 pound loss the week before had me at the bottom of my natural weight swing, and this gain was at the top. I weighed myself Saturday morning and I was back down to the weight from the previous Friday.

What was different this past week compared to the week before? I’m not sure. I didn’t . . . → Read More: First Weekly Weight Gain

Still Chugging Along

I’m still chugging along, trying to get myself up to be able to run the Monumental Half Marathon on November 6.

This past Saturday I managed to run 7 miles. It was raining in the morning so I waited until 12:30 or so to start the run, after the rain had stopped. It was overcast and cool, mid 50’s or so, which made it nice. I got to my turn around point and thought I’d missed the rain. When I was about 2 miles from home the rain started back up and by the time I was a mile away . . . → Read More: Still Chugging Along