Still some numbness when running

On Saturday I ran the 5k in about 26:27.. I say about because the online results just showed my gun time for some reason, so my time is what Runkeeper on my iPhone showed. I did the miles in 8:26, 8:27, and 8:51. The last mile was so much slower because of the numbness in my feet coming up. In the new shoes. Ugh!

Today our training run was about 3.06 miles and I averaged a 8:51 pace. There really wasn’t any numbness, but I had put the Superfeet green in my shoes. I think the extra arch support and . . . → Read More: Still some numbness when running

3.5 mile Short loop with new Superfeet!

Tonight was another short loop.. grinding them out.. I did it about 13 seconds slower than last night, and I’ll blame the steady 11MPH wind from the west on that.

I got some Superfeet Green insoles in from Zappos today. Wanted to try them to help give my arches some support since I feel like that was where the pain started out. They felt a little weird, like the instructions said they would. But, they also felt pretty good. With the Zappos return policy, and the Superfeet 60 day comfort guarantee, I feel like someone will be standing behind the . . . → Read More: 3.5 mile Short loop with new Superfeet!

Short run to test my foot

I did a pretty slow 3.5 mile run tonight to test out of my foot. I could still feel some tightness in my arch, but not nearly as bad as a week ago. I’ll probably try to slightly increase the distance tomorrow and Sunday to see what happens. I feel like I’m on the right track though.

Frustration Venting Run

Been feeling a little frustrated with life today, so tonight’s short 3.18 mile run was supposed to help me blow off a little steam. It did. But just a tiny bit. It was pretty warm, 90 temp / 99 heat index, so most of the steam was stuck inside. I ran a little quicker than I normally would, I guess. Still pretty frustrated with life, but I guess I’ll get over it at some point. Running is cheaper than a therapist though!

Tonight’s run

Tonight I went to the YMCA to do a little weight lifting, then ran 3.5 miles. My legs are feeling pretty good. It was on the warm side, but not that unpleasant.

July 22 2010 Run

Just a short run tonight after I mowed the lawn and before I went to the YMCA for a few minutes of weight lifting. My calves felt very tight on the run. Friday is a day off. Whew!