New shoes – Brooks PureCadence from Hola Bird Sports

Since I’m so thrifty, I don’t usually order shoes when they’re brand new. I wait until the new version is out and then order them for a hefty savings – normally under $80 I’d say. Preferably closer to $60. So I’m not the greatest source for the latest and greatest shoes. I’ve been wanting to try shoes with a lower heel to toe drop to help encourage a more mid-foot strike as I’m running. That’s why I was trying the Saucony Guide & Ride, but it seems like my feet just don’t fit in Saucony shoes. The 12.5 Guide was . . . → Read More: New shoes – Brooks PureCadence from Hola Bird Sports

Some new running shoes – Saucony Ride 5 – and other stuff

I received a new pair of running shoes today from Running Warehouse. I love Running Warehouse. The shoes are the Saucony Ride 5 and they were closeout priced. I love a sale, remember? Running Warehouse runs sales frequently. We get along real well.

Saucony Ride 5, Balega socks, Brooks shirt, Amphipod bottle

The shoes are the first ones I’ve ever bought that are classified as neutral. And as I’ve learned from RunBlogger, neutral or stability may not mean much at all. But I guess they’re supposed to be less stable than the large sized Guides that give me . . . → Read More: Some new running shoes – Saucony Ride 5 – and other stuff

New Gadget – Garmin Forerunner 305

About a week and a half ago, I guess a week or so before the Carmel Half Marathon, I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 305. I have been using my iPhone and RunKeeper for about two years now and have just gotten tired of running with the big iPhone on my arm. So much so that I just wasn’t taking it with me on my runs and just wearing my Timex Ironman watch. I don’t listen to music, at least not very frequently, so I won’t miss not having a digital music player. I have a small MP3 player / FM . . . → Read More: New Gadget – Garmin Forerunner 305

New shoes and handheld water bottle

Picked up some new shoes on sale for like $50 from Running Warehouse. They feel pretty luxurious on my feet while walking around the house. I’ve never tried Mizuno shoes before but I wanted to try something other than Brooks with all the shin splint problems I’ve had. They say the shoe is for mild to moderate overpronators, which is me. I wasn’t quite expecting the gap in the midsole of the shoe, above the wave plate. It looks interesting. Mizuno shoes seem to be pretty well regarded, so I’m looking forward to trying them out.

I also bought . . . → Read More: New shoes and handheld water bottle

Brooks Ravenna 2 and Nightlife hat

Got my new shoes from RunningWarehouse in today. Brooks Ravenna 2 in size 12.5. I mention the size because I’ve been wearing a 12 and having some numbness issues so I went up the half size. The shoes feel great in the house. Doing a 5k tomorrow so I’ll know real fast how my feet really feel.

And I got the Nightlife hat in yesterday from Shoebuy using a gift certificate from Groupon. It will be handy for the evening runs with the YMCA group. Nice and bright and has a red LED on the back.

I’m set . . . → Read More: Brooks Ravenna 2 and Nightlife hat

Cold and Slippery

So the past week and a half or so have been pretty slippery! Indianapolis got a nice little ice storm that made last week a pretty light running week. Only made two treadmill workouts and a strength training class as part of the YMCA training program. My foot went numb on the treadmill again! Ugh 🙁

I did have a gait analysis and the guy thought my shoes were too stable for me. My brand new shoes that are just outside their return policy. Sheesh. So I went back to my old Ravenna’s for the past two runs and the . . . → Read More: Cold and Slippery

Slowly recovering, up to 25 minutes running

I’m still slowly easing myself back in to running. Tonight was a 25 minute run, and it’s just the second time that I’ve done that. My legs are feeling a little sore from all the time off as my muscles get stronger, but it’s not pain like before. I’ve been working out at the YMCA on off days. I’ve put on a noticeable amount of weight since I haven’t been running nearly as much too. Bleh!

I also decided it was time for new shoes. I got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 shoes in from Running Warehouse today. . . . → Read More: Slowly recovering, up to 25 minutes running

Brooks Running Slow to process my refund

Those Brooks Cascadia shoes that I ordered in October? I ended up not liking them after all. I sent them back to Brooks on November 10, they received them on the 17th. I emailed them on November 29 and December 1 asking where my money was. They finally replied on the 1st and said they were issuing the refund. The refund didn’t actually post to my credit card until December 7. Just a bit too slow, Brooks, don’t ya think. You guys really need to work on that.

For comparison, I sent something back to Amazon on the 9th, they . . . → Read More: Brooks Running Slow to process my refund

New Shoes – Brooks Cascadia

Brooks Cascadia 5

Got a new pair of shoes in the mail today – Brooks Cascaida 5. And a new beanie, the Infiniti in Green, and, not pictured, Brooks Vapor Dry 3D Stadium Pants.

The Beanie is just kinda like a skull cap thing, with the bottom few inches, around the ears, being made of fleece and the top of a moisture wicking fabric. It barely fits my big head and should do pretty well to make sure people can see me lumbering along while my mostly bald head is toasty warm. The pants, in size XL, have . . . → Read More: New Shoes – Brooks Cascadia

Visit to the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities

Today, I went to visit the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities when the Run Happy bus stopped at Castleton Square Mall.

Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities

The lower level of the bus has a couple small “freak show” type displays of some of the features of the Brooks shoes. Pretty entertaining and creative little displays.

The upper level of the bus has a couple of treadmills set up to do gait analysis. That’s what I was there for! I wanted to make sure that I was running in the correct shoe. I’m using the Brooks Ravenna right now because the . . . → Read More: Visit to the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities