Let’s see if I can stay healthy

Yea, yea, the blog has been pretty quiet. Well, so has my running. After that Monumental Half Marathon I managed to run a 10K in December, and I decided to let my leg heal. I had a sore spot about 1/3 up my shin, right on the inside edge of the bone. If I had to guess, I’d say it was point where the muscle that connects down to my arch tied in up at the shin. Hey, I’m a computer guy not a doctor!

So I tried one run in January and decided enough was enough, I had to . . . → Read More: Let’s see if I can stay healthy

Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

So Wednesday night we did six miles with the training program. By the end of it, both of my shins were basically numb. I averaged 9:12/mile. That’s been my pace in the past, but I’ve been moving a little quicker recently and I was able to feel myself slowing down as I went.

So I went to see a sports medicine doctor today. We found that the same muscle that gave me problems back in August of last year is what’s acting up now. It kinda runs from the arch on up to the lower part of the shin. My . . . → Read More: Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

Slowly recovering, up to 25 minutes running

I’m still slowly easing myself back in to running. Tonight was a 25 minute run, and it’s just the second time that I’ve done that. My legs are feeling a little sore from all the time off as my muscles get stronger, but it’s not pain like before. I’ve been working out at the YMCA on off days. I’ve put on a noticeable amount of weight since I haven’t been running nearly as much too. Bleh!

I also decided it was time for new shoes. I got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 shoes in from Running Warehouse today. . . . → Read More: Slowly recovering, up to 25 minutes running

Allowed to Run for 10 minutes

So I haven’t really run for nearly four weeks. I went to a physical therapy place that is attached to the YMCA. I gave them the prescription and did my initial appointment, but, for some reason, they only scheduled me for 3 followup appointments. I didn’t even get an appointment that entire week after Thanksgiving – so it was two full weeks between appointments. That was really pretty disappointing. With the long holiday weekend in there, I didn’t really feel I could get started in time with a new place.

Anyways, the therapist has given me a couple long rubber . . . → Read More: Allowed to Run for 10 minutes

Did my short loop tonight

I did the “short loop” around my neighborhood tonight – 3.5 miles, at about 8:45/mile pace. I’m not too disappointed with that pace really, and my legs and feet felt pretty good. Just taking it easy for the next week or so. Planning on doing 5 miles on Saturday and then 6 miles the following weekend.

Run Perry, run!

Easing Back in to It

Went for a short 2 mile run tonight, and just 1 mile last night. Trying to ease myself back in to things after all the time off while on vacation / remodeling my house. And trying to avoid reinjuring my foot so that I can at least do the half marathon on November 6th. My feet and legs are feeling mostly ok so far. Just a few protests after resting for so long.

First Exercise in a week

With my lame foot and my work on tiling my house, I haven’t run or even exercised in a week. So I got out this morning, before my body knew what was going on, and ran 3.5 miles. It was nice and cool, around 50 I guess, which really helped me out. My legs are sore from being down doing the tile work for a few days. But my foot wasn’t in too much pain. If I hadn’t felt the pain so much a few weeks ago, I probably would not have noticed.

But I think the November marathon plans . . . → Read More: First Exercise in a week

Short run to test my foot

I did a pretty slow 3.5 mile run tonight to test out of my foot. I could still feel some tightness in my arch, but not nearly as bad as a week ago. I’ll probably try to slightly increase the distance tomorrow and Sunday to see what happens. I feel like I’m on the right track though.