Marathon Plans on Hold

After that half marathon a couple weeks ago I’ve come down with what feels like Plantar Fasciatis pain. I took a week off and ran for a week with some mild pain, including a 14 mile run. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that my feet won’t get better unless I completely stop running. I hate making the decision, but I think I’d be in for a real injury if I keep going like I am.

I emailed the folks that run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and asked if they could defer my registration until next year. They said yes . . . → Read More: Marathon Plans on Hold

In to Unknown Milage Territory

Today I did a 14+ mile run with the Indy Runners group. That was hard!

Last week, I felt like I wasn’t able to drink as much as I wanted to. I was limited to just the various water stops on the Monon, and the two that the Indy Runners put up. So, I bought a 10oz Fuel Belt handheld bottle and took that with me. I liked that a lot better! I was able to take sips of water whenever I wanted, and fill it up at the various points when I needed to. I finished not feeling as . . . → Read More: In to Unknown Milage Territory

First Full Month of Marathon Training

Today marks the end of my first full month of marathon training, and I’m finishing it off feeling pretty good. I’ve finished this last week of July with an even 30 miles, my first ever. And I’ve run 111 miles in the month, the first time I’ve gone over 100. I guess it says alot that I’ve been able to feel pretty good and am ready to get in to running unknown distances in August. . . . → Read More: First Full Month of Marathon Training

Marathon Training Underway with the Indy Runners

I’m exceptionally bad about forgetting to update this little blog. But, I’ve now completed two runs with the Indy Runners group. They have a semi-informal fall race prep program that consists of weekly recommended miles to run on Saturday mornings with the group. We’ve just done 6 miles each time so far, and there has been a water & gatorade cooler at the turn around point on the Monon.

The first week was a little more painful than the second because I was trying to run too fast. I’m going to be doing some more reading / learning about pacing . . . → Read More: Marathon Training Underway with the Indy Runners