Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Race Report

Today, November 2, 2013, was the day that I’d been training for since the beginning of June. I’ve logged 484 miles since then while following a Lydiard based training plan from Running Wizard & Running Ahead. I’ve had off and on knee pain since August and have been wearing Cho-Pat patellar tendon straps on both legs since then. Maybe not the smartest way to run, but it’s gotten me to the starting line and the knee pain has all but gone away.

Capital Building in the morning

It was a nice enough morning for a run. Around 40 . . . → Read More: Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Race Report

Let’s Go Racing @IndyMonumental Half

Well, I’m ready for my goal half marathon – The Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon! I’ve been training since the beginning of June and feel that I’m mostly prepared for the race. I don’t know that I have a 1:52:28 in me, but I think I can break my personal record of 1:56 and change from my first 500 Festival Mini Marathon in 2010.

Cya at the finish line!

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Cool race shirt

Shoes and shirt

Track Workout Number 2

Today was track workout number 2, ever. I decided to do 5x800m w/ 800m recovery. The suggested time is 4:12, and fastest is 4:00. The temp tonight was about 30 degrees cooler than last Monday! I wondered if I would do the 5th interval somewhere in the middle of the 2nd, but I “got over that” and did my planned workout. Warmup and cool down was 3 laps around 10:45 pace.

1 – 4:06 2 – 4:08 3 – 4:04 4 – 4:04 5 – 3:54

The heart rate range, according to the plan, is 170 – 187 and it . . . → Read More: Track Workout Number 2

Nice evening for running

Did the heat break in other parts of the country like it did in central Indiana? I wasn’t going to run, but talked myself in to it. I went out at 7PM tonight and the temps were in the mid-60’s with a nice breeze out of the north. Nice break from the mid 90’s earlier in the week!

It was a 5 mile PCR (Progress Calibration Run in Running Wizard terminology; basically a steady state run) and with pace range of 8:55 – 10:14 (9:21 suggested) that I did in 8:41 average pace. Went out way fast at 8:28 for . . . → Read More: Nice evening for running

Week one of @IndyMonumental training program done!

Week one of my Running Wizard training program is done!

I ran 20.4 miles this week. That’s more than I ran in January and February combined. I’ll get close to 80 miles this month.

Monday was an “easy fartlek” run for 28 minutes that I didn’t do easy enough. I remember feeling pretty beat up later that night. Tuesday was a 45 minute aerobic run that had me averaging a 10:15 pace. Off on Wednesday, 2 easy miles on Thursday, and my out-and-back (aka tempo) run on Friday. I was supposed to do the tempo part in 9:58, but I . . . → Read More: Week one of @IndyMonumental training program done!

Another 2.2 pounds lost and new half marathon training plan

Weighed in on Friday and found I had lost another 2.2 pounds. So I’m down a total of 28.6 pounds now! All my pants are MUCH looser and fabric bunches up when I tighten my belt. I suppose it’s getting to be about time to buy some smaller pants. I do sort of want to hold off until I’m closer to my final weight so I don’t end up buying two wardrobes, but it may be unavoidable to some extent.

I went for a 2 mile run on Saturday to try out my new shoes. They don’t feel bad; just . . . → Read More: Another 2.2 pounds lost and new half marathon training plan