Taking it easy – knees are hurting

I guess it was about 3 weeks ago that I first started noticing some knee pain after running. I figured that maybe my shoes were nearing the end of their life (I can usually only get 200 miles on a pair!) and thought I’d shop around. About 20 – 25 days ago I missed my Saturday long run so I could do some school work in the morning and ran a shorter run instead. Oh, worth mentioning, 15 days ago I did a trail run and fell pretty hard, scraping up my knee pretty good. I ran through the week, . . . → Read More: Taking it easy – knees are hurting

Catching up on things

Well, like I usually tend to do, I forgot about the blog for a few weeks. Oops!

On July 4, 2013, I ran the Firecracker 6 mile race in downtown Indianapolis. I have a bit of a streak going with this one since this was my 4th year of the race and the 4th time it was run. It starts at the City Market, just a couple blocks off of Monument Circle. In fact, the course was slightly changed this year and the race started off with us running towards and around the north half of the circle. I always . . . → Read More: Catching up on things

Let’s see if I can stay healthy

Yea, yea, the blog has been pretty quiet. Well, so has my running. After that Monumental Half Marathon I managed to run a 10K in December, and I decided to let my leg heal. I had a sore spot about 1/3 up my shin, right on the inside edge of the bone. If I had to guess, I’d say it was point where the muscle that connects down to my arch tied in up at the shin. Hey, I’m a computer guy not a doctor!

So I tried one run in January and decided enough was enough, I had to . . . → Read More: Let’s see if I can stay healthy

Marathon Plans on Hold

After that half marathon a couple weeks ago I’ve come down with what feels like Plantar Fasciatis pain. I took a week off and ran for a week with some mild pain, including a 14 mile run. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that my feet won’t get better unless I completely stop running. I hate making the decision, but I think I’d be in for a real injury if I keep going like I am.

I emailed the folks that run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and asked if they could defer my registration until next year. They said yes . . . → Read More: Marathon Plans on Hold

Back to some running

Ok, I keep forgetting about my blog! Sheesh. Last Wednesday was so nice, I just had to get back to running a day earlier than the doctor said. Problem was, it was a 8 mile run with the training group. I figured I would get to a turn around point that would let me do just 5 miles and see how I was feeling. I got to that point and kept on going! Yes, I was pretty tired at the end. Yes, I ran pretty slowly. But, I plodded on through it and finished in about 1:20. Ended up with . . . → Read More: Back to some running

Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

So Wednesday night we did six miles with the training program. By the end of it, both of my shins were basically numb. I averaged 9:12/mile. That’s been my pace in the past, but I’ve been moving a little quicker recently and I was able to feel myself slowing down as I went.

So I went to see a sports medicine doctor today. We found that the same muscle that gave me problems back in August of last year is what’s acting up now. It kinda runs from the arch on up to the lower part of the shin. My . . . → Read More: Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

Shins are hurting again

So, I should be finishing up a five mile run, but instead I’m writing this post.

On Monday night, we did a small fartlek workout. About a mile to warmup, then four repeats of 2 minutes slow / 1 minute fast, then a mile cooldown. I woke up Tuesday to painful shins. Not as bad as before. But definitely worse than the past couple weeks. And I’ve even been icing my legs morning and night on most days. So I’m very annoyed!

So I decided to take skip the run tonight and let my legs rest. I did 30 minutes . . . → Read More: Shins are hurting again

Still some numbness when running

On Saturday I ran the 5k in about 26:27.. I say about because the online results just showed my gun time for some reason, so my time is what Runkeeper on my iPhone showed. I did the miles in 8:26, 8:27, and 8:51. The last mile was so much slower because of the numbness in my feet coming up. In the new shoes. Ugh!

Today our training run was about 3.06 miles and I averaged a 8:51 pace. There really wasn’t any numbness, but I had put the Superfeet green in my shoes. I think the extra arch support and . . . → Read More: Still some numbness when running

Doc Says I can’t run, Gotta Miss Vegas Half Marathon

I tried to go out for a run on Tuesday, 10 days after the Monumental Half. I had gone the whole 10 days wearing an Ace bandage or Zensah compression sleeve. I had bought “The Stick” and tennis balls and a foam roller and used them all. I had used the rowing machine and stationary bike at the gym. No running at all for 10 days. The pain had gone away.

I got about a mile from home and had to call it quits when the pain kicked back in. I walked back home in defeat.

I made an appointment . . . → Read More: Doc Says I can’t run, Gotta Miss Vegas Half Marathon

Indianapolis Monumental Half Race Report

Today was the big day – The Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. Race time temp was around 27 degrees! I hung out in the lobby area of the parking garage until about 20 minutes before start time. I had on my Brooks Infiniti beanie, Nike convertible gloves, Nike “thermal” running shirt and vest, and Brooks running pants. I was cold, for sure, but not overly so.

I couldn’t hear the announcer very well, but apparently the wheelchair dudes started about a minute before the rest of us. It took me about two minutes to get to the starting mat. It was . . . → Read More: Indianapolis Monumental Half Race Report