Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

So Wednesday night we did six miles with the training program. By the end of it, both of my shins were basically numb. I averaged 9:12/mile. That’s been my pace in the past, but I’ve been moving a little quicker recently and I was able to feel myself slowing down as I went.

So I went to see a sports medicine doctor today. We found that the same muscle that gave me problems back in August of last year is what’s acting up now. It kinda runs from the arch on up to the lower part of the shin. My . . . → Read More: Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

Rowing and Spinning

On Sunday I did 30 minutes on the Concept2 and managed to make it 5683m. I think that averaged out to about 2:38 per 500m. Got winded on it, so I guess I was doing some good.

Tonight I did the spinning class. That’s pretty fun. Got a decent sweat going and my legs definitely felt it. So another pretty good workout I suppose.

So that’s my cross training, rowing and spinning. My foot still has a little bit of pain in it. Not as bad as it has been, which is good I guess. Sure wish the pain would . . . → Read More: Rowing and Spinning