Track Workout Number 2

Today was track workout number 2, ever. I decided to do 5x800m w/ 800m recovery. The suggested time is 4:12, and fastest is 4:00. The temp tonight was about 30 degrees cooler than last Monday! I wondered if I would do the 5th interval somewhere in the middle of the 2nd, but I “got over that” and did my planned workout. Warmup and cool down was 3 laps around 10:45 pace.

1 – 4:06
2 – 4:08
3 – 4:04
4 – 4:04
5 – 3:54

The heart rate range, according to the plan, is 170 – 187 and it wasn’t until the 5th interval that I got over 170. I felt a bit wobbily right at the beginning of the second lap of that 5th one, so this probably was the right number of intervals for me. It did feel pretty hard to finish, and I think a sixth may have been pushing things. I will try to do 6 next Monday (the Running Wizard plan says to do 5 – 7). My 5K pace in June was 8:07, so I’m doing these intervals right around that pace.

The track provides a good change from the regular road routes, and it does feel good to let my legs turn over faster than normal.

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