Cleaning up my eating

Since I’ve basically been stalled at the same weight for 3.5 months now, I think I’m going to switch my Weight Watchers and go back to counting calories with the My Fitness Pal app. At the same time, I am going to try to change my eating style around. I want to try some lower carb / higher protein / primal / paleo type diet.

There’s several challenges in my way. Bread. Potatoes. Beer. Rice. Corn. Things like that! I love those foods. It’s going to be a learning process for me. Maybe, at some point, I’ll have my eating cleaned up enough that I can stop counting calories, but I’m going to keep doing that for the time being.

During my Googling on cleaner eating, I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple. I don’t know too much about Mark, but seems to have a pretty informative website and a decently busy forum. And he’s written a bunch of books. And he has some neat recipes on his website. So, I guess he can’t be all that bad. I may learn a few things from him. I’m sure there’s worse people to learn from.

Anyways, just as I’ve discovered this, Mark is starting a 21 Day Challenge. It amounts to making a pledge to eat clean for 21 days, exercise a lot aerobically, some quickly, and some heavily. Got it. Exercise party is easy. Eating part… not so easy. I sorta decided this on a whim this morning, so it’s going to be tough going the first few days as I learn what I’m getting in to.

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