Week one of @IndyMonumental training program done!

Week one of my Running Wizard training program is done!

I ran 20.4 miles this week. That’s more than I ran in January and February combined. I’ll get close to 80 miles this month.

Monday was an “easy fartlek” run for 28 minutes that I didn’t do easy enough. I remember feeling pretty beat up later that night. Tuesday was a 45 minute aerobic run that had me averaging a 10:15 pace. Off on Wednesday, 2 easy miles on Thursday, and my out-and-back (aka tempo) run on Friday. I was supposed to do the tempo part in 9:58, but I ended up going out at 9:42 and back at 9:38. So a bit faster than I should have, but I was happy the splits were consistent.

Saturday… what a bad day. I wanted to go down to Broad Ripple to run with the Indy Runners group, but I woke up, ate breakfast, and decided to go back to bed. I was feeling like crap. I didn’t get back out of bed until 10! I still wasn’t feeling great, but I decided I should get the 6 mile (1hr 7min) long run in anyways. The first mile or two wasn’t bad, then I started feeling worse and worse. My pace got slower and slower and my heart rate kept going up and up. I have a feeling it was the beginnings of heat exhaustion, so I’m glad I was finishing up when I did. I felt a little woozy and saw some black spots when I got back inside. I spent the rest of the day re-hydrating and with a headache. I’m not real sure why that run was so bad, but I sure hope I don’t repeat it. I’ll looked back on this run in November and laugh… I hope!

Oh, I haven’t talked about my weight lost. Three weeks ago I was down .8, two weeks ago another .8, and last week up 1.6. So I figure I was at a bit of a plateau. I think the extra running this past week may have helped break it and I was down 3.2. I’ve found out my job is ending and I need to buy an interview suit, which sucks because I’ll only be wearing it a few times before I shrink out of it!

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