Some new running shoes – Saucony Ride 5 – and other stuff

I received a new pair of running shoes today from Running Warehouse. I love Running Warehouse. The shoes are the Saucony Ride 5 and they were closeout priced. I love a sale, remember? Running Warehouse runs sales frequently. We get along real well.

Saucony Ride 5, Balega socks, Brooks shirt, Amphipod bottle

Saucony Ride 5, Balega socks, Brooks shirt, Amphipod bottle

The shoes are the first ones I’ve ever bought that are classified as neutral. And as I’ve learned from RunBlogger, neutral or stability may not mean much at all. But I guess they’re supposed to be less stable than the large sized Guides that give me blisters. Or something. All this overpronation and stability and this and that really gets confusing to me at times. Hey, if nothing else, the bright colors will blind people so they don’t see me hobbling down the road!

I also got three new pairs of Balega Hidden Comfort socks. No, they’re not cheap socks. But they sure are comfortable to wear. They’re going to replace some Wrightsocks that I have that are just worn out after three years. I also like the Hidden Cool model which has a bit thicker weave than the Hidden Comfort. So I’ll probably need some more socks.

And a new handheld water bottle because mine is getting pretty beat up. It’s the Amphipod Hydroform Handheld Lite 12oz. Say that five times real fast. My old bottle was a 10oz Fuelbelt, and it served me well for about 2 seasons of running. But I had stretched out the cloth part that goes around my hand and never did care for the way it attached to the bottle. I already have a larger version of this Amphipod and it’s always felt pretty secure on my hand and easy to drink from.

Lastly, is the Brooks podium shirt with the Running Warehouse logo front and back. $10 extra for a tech shirt, and a Brooks tech shirt at that? No brainer.

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