Lost 2.6 pounds, Ran 5 miles

My weigh in on Friday had me losing 2.6 pounds, which takes me under the 10% initial goal that Weight Watchers set for me. So it took me 3 months 1 week to lose 10% of my initial body weight. I guess I’m pretty happy about that. I had all of my weekly points left and used 5 of my 23 activity points.

I set my next intermediate goal as another 5% to lose, which should take me down to 221; another 12.6 pounds to lose. I don’t have a time to accomplish that in, but I’d be thrilled if that was what I weigh on July 5th. I really don’t have a final goal in mind, but it has to be below 200 to be within the “healthy weight” guidelines.

Went out for a five mile run this morning. The temp was around 60 and there was a nice 12mph wind coming in from the east or southeast. I could definitely feel it, and my mile times reflected it. But I felt good. It was a little faster than I wanted as I’m trying to shoot for 10:00 miles on long run days, but I finished around 9:43 average.

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