Was a nice day for a run

Today was a good day for a run. Went out for my 4 mile neighborhood loop and the temp was in the mid 60’s and the strong breeze felt pretty nice. That’s the longest I’ve run in a few months and it felt harder than I expected. But it felt good. Then I went and mowed the lawn for the first time this season. And I was beat! I’ve been far too sedentary this winter.

Last week I was working noon to 9PM at work and I really hated that. I only got in one run, just 2 miles, on Tuesday morning. I just didn’t want to get out the door the other mornings. And my eating was pretty crappy. Well, not as bad as it would have been in past weeks when I worked late shift, but not as good as when I work my regular hours. I did manage to stay on my Weight Watchers plan every day, so I was happy about that. But I lost less than a pound, so I was disappointed in that.

They’re starting up a Weight Watchers at Work program at the office, and I’m going to check in to that. I chose the online route because the meeting times aren’t entire convenient for me right now. I do my school work in the evenings and would rather not lose another evening due an additional “activity.” But, if they have meetings during a lunch hour, then I can just take my sandwich and eat during the meeting. That’s be entirely convenient. So, we’ll see what all this entails.

I participated in the Twitter #runchat hour tonight and had a good time. It’s usually far too busy for me to keep track and I actually had not participated in several weeks. One person wondered how to do speed work on neighborhood routes and my suggestion was to use the mailboxes as markers for fartleks. Run fast to this one, then slow to the that one… and go for whatever distance. I hope to get back in to doing workouts like that later this year. For now, I’m just plodding along and enjoying the scenery.

Time for a beer! Sierra Nevada Stout is about to be poured. Cheers!

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