Saucony Guide 5 and SOLE Softec insoles

I’m trying to get my running back on track by wearing my Saucony Guide 5 shoes with SOLE Softec Response footbeds.

The Saucony Guide 5 is last year’s model of the Guide that I’ve had for about 9 months now, but never really used. The first pair seemed to get some fast treadwear and it was almost at the midsole after 60 miles. Fortunately, Saucony replaced them for free but I never really ran in the replacement pair. They’re a moderate stability shoe and have been pretty comfortable so far. I did have to go a half size up from my usual Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes (those are also in the rotation with Superfeet Blue inserts). The Sauncony Guide 5, like a lot of Saucony’s traditional shoes, moved to a 8mm heal to toe drop last year to better encourage a midfoot strike. Adapting to that is taking some work, especially as I start to tire and my mind wanders of paying attention to my form.

The SOLE Softec Response insoles are interesting. You warm them up in the oven for a few minutes and then put them in the shoes. As they’re cooling they form to the shape of your feet. My idea is that they will provide some additional support to help keep the plantar fascitis from coming back. The PF was caused by low / collapsed arches and lack of flexibility in my calf muscles, so these should help one of those symptoms. They have felt pretty good to run in, but I’m only doing 2 – 4 miles at a time right now.

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