My thoughts on the events in Boston

This morning, I checked on the results of the Boston marathon and felt good about the show the Americans put on. Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher for the women, and six American men in the top 15. I thought that was just great and went about my day.

Then shortly after 3PM I received a text from a friend asking me if I had seen Boston, and I replied something about the results. She replied “bomb” and my response was “what?” followed by looking at CNN, then “Whoa!”

A couple hours later, and it’s clear that someone did set off at least two bombs near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon. Someone intended to harm the spectators that were there to cheer on runners like me. Someone intended to kill and injure as many people as they could. People that, as I heard one reporter describe it, were at the happy capital of the finish line of one of the great marathons.

I have a heavy heart for the people that were killed, one was an eight year old child, and injured while cheering on people like me. I feel terrible for the people who were experiencing their happy day only to have it ruined by people who’s only goal was to bring evil to the world. Runners, like me. Spectators there to cheer on runners, like me.

I think that a lot of the people still on the course were those that had qualified on time but weren’t having the best day, or maybe charity runners that raised a lot of money to get in to the race. People that were just out there doing their best and trying their hardest to finish the race. I’ve not run a marathon, yet, so I can not even begin to imagine the heartbreak those people feel.

I watched video footage of one of the explosions and I see people rushing to the aid of the fallen. Soldiers, policemen, and just average folks running in to danger to render aid. I see Americans helping each other out in their time of need. Then I read a tweet like this:

And I’m reminded that runners are great people. I’m glad to be a part of the running community made up of such great people. The running community, the Boston community, the American community will overcome. We are strong willed. We will not let evil win. We will run happy again.

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