Let’s see if I can stay healthy

Yea, yea, the blog has been pretty quiet. Well, so has my running. After that Monumental Half Marathon I managed to run a 10K in December, and I decided to let my leg heal. I had a sore spot about 1/3 up my shin, right on the inside edge of the bone. If I had to guess, I’d say it was point where the muscle that connects down to my arch tied in up at the shin. Hey, I’m a computer guy not a doctor!

So I tried one run in January and decided enough was enough, I had to stop and let it heal. So I hardly did any running in January and February, and managed under 30 miles in March. The pain is gone now, so I’m going to see what happens as I try to run more.

I signed up to run the KeyBank 8K race during the Carmel Marathon weekend on April 20. I ran this one last year, but I was in better shape then so I don’t expect to improve my time any. I’m mainly doing it so I can get the “Streaker” award for running one race in all three years.

They are introducing a new Hoosier Park 8K Triple Crown series that consists of the 8K at Carmel, an 8K at Eagle Creek, and an 8K at Hoosier Park horse track & casino. I’ve never run at Eagle Creek or done a trail race, so that will be fun. And running on the horse track should be great as well, assuming the horse poop is cleaned up! Should be a good series of spring races.

Here’s to hoping my body holds up!

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