Ready for the Indianapolis Monumental Half

So, after a hard year of plantar fasciitis and shinsplints I feel like I am ready to run the Indianapolis monumental half marathon on Saturday. The training has not gone as well as I would have hoped but I feel like I am ready to run the full (half?)13.1 miles. I did some of the runs by myself, some of the runs with the group at work, and some other runs with the Indy runners group. The weather is supposed to be in the lower 30s at the start and maybe into the middle 40s at the end. I think I’m going to wear pants for the race and maybe two long sleeve shirts.

The race gives everyone a nice Adidas technical T-shirt and commemorative poster. The background of the poster contains all of the names of the runners the pre-registered for the race. There should be water, Gatorade, cookies, and chili at the end of the race to help warm us up.

I am looking forward to the race. Hopefully I sleep well tonight! Good luck to everyone else out there that is running the race.

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