Marathon Training Underway with the Indy Runners

I’m exceptionally bad about forgetting to update this little blog.  But, I’ve now completed two runs with the Indy Runners group.  They have a semi-informal fall race prep program that consists of weekly recommended miles to run on Saturday mornings with the group.  We’ve just done 6 miles each time so far, and there has been a water & gatorade cooler at the turn around point on the Monon.

The first week was a little more painful than the second because I was trying to run too fast.  I’m going to be doing some more reading / learning about pacing for the longer runs, but I don’t think running at the ~8:45 pace is going to be sustainable for me.  That’s more like what I’d hope to do in the race, not what I should be doing in training.

I think I’ll end up running 4 days a week, one evening just for some weight training, and another evening for an hour long spin class.  Which should leave Friday as my rest day.

Of course, this second full week may be a little messed up because I’m running the Firecracker 6 on the morning of Monday, July 4.  It’s a 6 mile race that leaves from the City Market in downtown Indianapolis and shows off some of the sites of downtown.  I did it last year and had a good time.

I’ve also really been enjoying the Garmin 305 that I bought about a month ago.  Been pretty neat to have the information on my wrist, and the heart rate monitor has been interesting to watch.  I think I still have some learning to do with that as well.

And, the last bit of updates.. I got a couple new Brooks Versatile T’s and one pair of Sherpa shorts in the mail from Running Warehouse.  Also just one pair of Balega Hidden Cool socks.  The shorts are shorter than I’m used to, and I knew that when I bought them.  Haven’t run with them yet since they just got here on Friday and I needed to wash them, but I’ll probably look a little funny for the first few runs with them as my tan line moves further up my leg!  I’m looking forward to them on longer runs due to the holster pockets on either side.  I did try out the socks and really liked them.  They’re pretty thick and cushy and my feet felt pretty good on the hot, muggy run Saturday morning.  I have a feeling I’ll end up buying more of the socks!

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