Doing More Running

Ok, why can’t I remember to post more?  Who knows.

Since I last posted I’ve completed a “12” mile run and a “9” mile run.  The courses were a bit short and we ended up with 11.33 and 8.60, but, oh well.  I’m glad I was able to finish them and without excruciating pain!  I’ve been alternating between the Brooks Adrenaline 11 and Ravenna 2 shoes.  I can’t quite decide which I like better, but I’m continuing to have to ice my legs and do calf / Achilles stretches.  Oh well, I guess I like them both and having two shoes to alternate is supposed to be good.

We did a yoga class as part of the training last Saturday and I really enjoyed it.  I am not at all flexible, but it still felt good to work my body out in a new way.  I’ve also been trying some bosu exercises on my Tuesday weight lifting days and that’s been pretty interesting too.  I can feel it working the stabilizer muscles in my legs which can only be a good thing!

The 500 Festival Mini Marathon is just over two weeks from now and we’re in taper mode from the long runs.  I got my registration post card of the weekend and I’m in coral E for the race.  Last year I was in N, so I think I should have an easier time chugging along without having to worry about passing thousands of people like I did last year.

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  • Bogdan

    Hey… I found you! Now you have to post more! Looks like you’re coming along great! I finally had to break down and get real running shoes. Almost bought the brooks adrenaline 11. It was between them and Nike lunar glide. Both were very comfy… Nike $20 cheaper.

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