Chugged through 10 miles this week

Two Wednesday’s ago I did 9 miles.  It hurt.  A lot.  I actually cut the course short and walked some because of the pain in my upper right leg.  Don’t know what it was about.  But I’ve tracked down some hip exercises and have been doing them since.  So this past week had me doing a 10 mile run.  And I felt fine!  I have some shin pain as I sit on my couch right now (like, I can poke the area and it will not feel good), but I’ve been ok when running.  I’m keeping up with my stretches and exercises and all that.

We actually did a Bosu class after our run yesterday.  One of the trainers came in and showed us a bunch of exercises to do on that funny thing.  I may try working it in with my weekly weight training sessions.  I think that the working of the stabilizer muscles will be good for me.

Oh, someplace along the line I’ve gotten a quarter sized blister on my left foot.  Right beneath the ball of my foot, like where I strike I guess.  Shrug.  Been wearing the Band Aid blister thingies and they’ve been helping me heal up.

12 miles this Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

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