Shins are hurting again

So, I should be finishing up a five mile run, but instead I’m writing this post.

On Monday night, we did a small fartlek workout.  About a mile to warmup, then four repeats of 2 minutes slow / 1 minute fast, then a mile cooldown.  I woke up Tuesday to painful shins.  Not as bad as before.  But definitely worse than the past couple weeks. And I’ve even been icing my legs morning and night on most days.  So I’m very annoyed!

So I decided to take skip the run tonight and let my legs rest.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical tonight and did some weight training on Tuesday night.  I’ll do more strength training stuff on Thursday.  Then I’ll see how I feel on Saturday for my run.  I’ll keep the coldpacks up, the stretches, the exercises, etc.  Ugh!

Monday night we had a class with a local cross country coach.  He talked for about an hour and a half about strength training for runners.  The jist of it was to work core the most, then legs, then upper body.  He gave some examples of various exercises.  It was good info, but a bit much at the time.  I’m hoping that we get the powerpoint presentation so I can go back and be reminded of everything he talked about.

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