Officially Injured, Again, but I know why!

So Wednesday night we did six miles with the training program.  By the end of it, both of my shins were basically numb.  I averaged 9:12/mile.  That’s been my pace in the past, but I’ve been moving a little quicker recently and I was able to feel myself slowing down as I went.

So I went to see a sports medicine doctor today.  We found that the same muscle that gave me problems back in August of last year is  what’s acting up now.  It kinda runs from the arch on up to the lower part of the shin.  My main concern, however, was finding out WHY I’m getting hurt!

The doc pushed on my foot and noted that my achilles is VERY tight.  He seemed rather surprised.  So since my leg isn’t very flexible, it’s somehow putting extra stress on that muscle.  Neato.  I now have specific exercises to do to help loosen up my leg!  As well as orders not to run for the next two weeks!  Boo!!! 🙁 And the other cause is my big ole body pounding away at my lower legs on each step.  So I gotta keep on losing weight!

But I’ll listen to him.  I do rather enjoy running, so I’ll take the two weeks off to let the muscles heal up.  Ice twice a day.  Stand on a step with my heel hanging off.  Scrunch towels with my toes.  And I can do whatever cardio I want, as long as it isn’t running. I’ll make sure to pick up the stretching of the rest of my leg muscles too.  I’ll do the Saturday classes with the training group at the YMCA as well — this Saturday we’re changing over to Pilates.  I’ve never done that before so I’m looking forward to it.

So tonight I did an hour long spinning class at the YMCA.  That was butt kicking!  I was a pile of sweat at the end, but it felt good.

So, here we go again.  More recovery!

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