Back to some running

Ok, I keep forgetting about my blog!  Sheesh.  Last Wednesday was so nice, I just had to get back to running a day earlier than the doctor said.  Problem was, it was a 8 mile run with the training group.  I figured I would get to a turn around point that would let me do just 5 miles and see how I was feeling.  I got to that point and kept on going!  Yes, I was pretty tired at the end.  Yes, I ran pretty slowly.  But, I plodded on through it and finished in about 1:20.   Ended up with a couple blisters for my trouble.

I went back to the doc on Thursday and he was impressed with out my flexibility had improved and pretty much sent me back out to run some more.  So that was good.

My legs were rather sore on Thursday, so I did what any sane person would do.  I went to an hour long spinning class!  And the teacher made it hurt.  I thought I was just bad off from my run, but I heard other people “compliment” her on the difficulty of the class.  😉 On a side note, I bought new cleats for my mountain biking shoes so I can use those in spin class from now on.

Saturday morning we did 4 miles.  The first mile I did in about 8:18, but kept slowing down for each subsequent mile.  I guess I should work on going out slower and speeding up.  I’ll blame in on the still tailwind on the way out, and then a miserable tailwind on the way back.  Sounds like a good excuse, right?

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