Still some numbness when running

On Saturday I ran the 5k in about 26:27.. I say about because the online results just showed my gun time for some reason, so my time is what Runkeeper on my iPhone showed.  I did the miles in 8:26, 8:27, and 8:51.  The last mile was so much slower because of the numbness in my feet coming up.  In the new shoes.  Ugh!

Today our training run was about 3.06 miles and I averaged a 8:51 pace.  There really wasn’t any numbness, but I had put the Superfeet green in my shoes.  I think the extra arch support and slowing down helped me out.  So I’m just going to make sure that I run slower.  And keep on trying to lose weight.  And doing strength training for my upper leg muscles that the trainer thought were weak.  And stretching to help with my flexibility.  So, yea, there’s lots of stuff I can do to help myself along.

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