Dietitian Meeting and more training

Another week of the training program down.  Still having numbness in my feet and some slight shin pain.  I found some exercises in a forum post to help me stretch / strengthen my lower leg muscles.  I’ve done those a couple times, and done some icing of the tender areas, and massage with a tennis ball.  Today’s run wasn’t quite as “bad”, so I’m remaining hopeful.    I also did some front and rear leg extensions and hip abduction machines at the gym.  Trying to help myself out, and hoping that I’m able to continue the training.

I had a meeting with a dietitian as part of the training program this week.  Long story short, I need to keep on doing what I know to do.  I use Lose It on my iPhone to track my calories.  When I stick to it, I find that I am able to lose a few pounds here and there.  When I don’t, I eat what I want and gain weight.  I told her that i don’t really pay attention to the fat and carbs and protein counts.  I just watch the calories and figure the rest will work itself out.  For my level of fitness, I think that’s ok for right now.

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