Still Chugging Along

I’m still chugging along, trying to get myself up to be able to run the Monumental Half Marathon on November 6.

This past Saturday I managed to run 7 miles.  It was raining in the morning so I waited until 12:30 or so to start the run, after the rain had stopped.  It was overcast and cool, mid 50’s or so, which made it nice.  I got to my turn around point and thought I’d missed the rain.  When I was about 2 miles from home the rain started back up and by the time I was a mile away it was a pretty good downpour.  Actually didn’t feel too bad, but I got myself thoroughly soaked.  Oh well.

Tonight was a quick 3.5 mile “short loop”.  Small amounts of pain in my lower legs.  Oh well.

The shoes I ran my first half in were the Brooks Adrenaline ASR6.  I had problems with the Adrenaline 10 and am in the Ravenna’s right now.  Well, Brooks has/had the ASR6 on closeout and I’m thinking about ordering a couple pair because I liked them so much.

Oh, and I think I’ll also be going to the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas. I’ve booked the room already.

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